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Vanea Wellness

When we created the Vanea Relaxation Area, we made an exquisite oasis of wellness that invites you in to relax and unwind using heat, cold and water.

Do something good for your body
and your soul will be happy
to live in it.

Enjoy a sauna after a challenging day of hiking. Cool off with either a cool air bath

outside or a cold shower with the Kneipp hose. Now for some refreshment –

help yourself to tea and fruit. The relax in comfort in the mini-pool or on a

wellness lounger. We also have a small library available for the

bookworms among our guests.

the senses

Vanea Wellness amenities:

  • Sauna

  • Mini-pool

  • Rain-waterfall shower

  • Kneipp hose

  • Wellness loungers

  • Lounge/seat lounge area

  • Tea area

  • Library corner

  • Garden

Wellness & Beauty Balance

Wellness & Beauty Balance

Health and Wellness

Thanks to our in-house studio, we offer holistically intact kinesiology sessions and cranio-sacral balances.


Treat yourself to an alternative wellness treatment on holiday with us and combine your health/vitality with enjoyment. The Wellness & Beauty Balance aims to relieve the facial muscles of tension patterns and to promote blood circulation in the facial structures and provides general relief. This balance promotes a vital and healthy appearance.

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